Acts of Indiscipline & Penalties

Minor Acts of Indiscipline

  • Causing disturbances within the college premises, Laboratory or Reading Room, Common Room, Playground or Hostel.
  • Diverting the attention of the students from the lecturers or of the teacher from teaching.
  • Insubordination and/or disrespect to the teacher within or outside the college premises.
  • Picking up quarrel with the staff-teaching or non-teaching or with other students.
  • Using filthy language and abuses in the college premises or Sports-grounds.
  • Smoking openly within the college campus. Bringing and playing cassettes, C.D.s, tuning radios inside the class or outside during class hours.

Any other act or acts which the Principal may deem as minor act or acts of indiscipline.

Major Acts of Indiscipline

  • Repetition of minor acts of indiscipline inspite or repeated warning and penalties imposed.
  • Attending the college dressed in a manner contrary to social norms prevailing from time to time.
  • Indecent exposure in a provocative manner.
  • Disfiguring the walls, floors, furniture etc. of the college.
  • Wanton destruction of college properties.
  • Instigating others to commit acts of indiscipline.
  • Organisation of movements subversive of discipline of the college.
  • Physical intimidation of other students and staff.
  • Indulging in criminal acts of any kind.
  • Rousing communal and caste feelings among students.
  • Demonstration of disloyalty to the country, its constitution and its flag.
  • Ragging of any kind tending to cause physical and mental torture to other students, or forcing others to submit to indignity and nuisance.
  • Attending the college in a drunken state and indulging in unseemly behaviour, using opiates of any kind like Marijauna, Hashish, Bhangh, Heroine and LSD.
  • Bringing to the College whistles, drums, blow pipes and such other instruments with the intention of creating noise and disturbing the peace of the college.
  • Any other act or acts which the Principal considers as major acts of indiscipline.
  • No student in whatsoever manner will create/publish/comment/or do any such act/s on any social media against the interest of the institution or its members (Teaching, Non Teaching Staff, Students and other such members), and if found doing / abetting such acts will liable for his/her misconduct under appropriate laws and the prevailing cyber law.

Nature of Penalties and Authorities Empowered to Impose Them:

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