M.Sc. Environmental Science
Goa University Admission Round 5
Celebrating excellence, glory, optimism and a great history in Goa's higher education arena, presenting DMC par excellence!
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Dnyanprassarak Mandal’s college and Research Centre is a premier Institution of higher education in Goa. It is one of the oldest and prestigious colleges in Goa and right from its inception in 1974, for the last forty years it has successively contributed towards the welfare of the society by imparting quality education. Located on the picturesque Assagao hill, with a campus spreading over 20 acres of land, the college offers diverse courses at Undergraduate, Post-Graduate level and a Research Centre.

Beloved Professors

Dr. D.B. Arolkar

We focus on nation building by imparting education to all.

Ms. Rashmi Redkar
Vice Principal

We promise to provide you the best learning experience.

Why choose us?

Large choice of Courses

Large Congregation of Academic Complexes

Highly Qualified Academic Staff

Large Facilities of Extra Curricular Activities

High Accredetion

Counseling Cell

Visual Room & Conference Hall


Producing individuals who are socially and morally tuned to nation building


This age group is paving its way
to greater independence, socio-
emotional growth and self.


Achievements at university, State, zonal, National and international level

LOCATION: Assagao , Goa

Mapusa – Anjuna Road, Ghateshwar Nagar, Assagao, Khorlim, Mapusa, Goa 403507


Individualized attention , Increased student participation is encouraged

17 Departments

Each Department works on forging social skills through collaboration