BBA provides students with business and management skills necessary to become effective leaders innovators and entrepreneurs in today’s competitive economy. It strives to bridge the gap between industry and classroom to bring a touch of corporate to regular classrooms sessions. Another feature that complements to its uniqueness is the overall development of an individual. The effectiveness of BBA depends not only on theoretical learning but it’s emphasis on the implementation of ideas and knowledge. Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is a three- year full time course that is designed to give rise to future professionals, rather than mere ‘degree holders’. This course keeps in mind the needs of the industry where the students would ultimately find employment, and, therefore, has a completely different approach to learning.


The students have total access to a well stocked library with adequate collection of books, text-books, reference books, project reports. Apart from books, the students have access to the latest magazines, international journals, newspapers and research papers. Book bank facility is available to all students.

The classrooms are equipped with an LCD projector to create an interactive environment conducive in learning.

The BBA department also has a dedicated computer lab with interest and printing facilities. Besides this WIFI internet facility is also available to the students.

A professional course: BBA goes beyond bookish knowledge. Instead, it sharpens managerial skills through presentations, case studies, industry visits, guest lectures by professionals, etc. that help the students to deal with real-life situations better.
A structured syllabus: Almost 70% of the subjects taught in the BBA course, be it areas of management like marketing, finance, systems or human resource management, is similar to that in the MBA program. Theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom are supported by practical experience in the form of projects, presentations, industrial visits and summer placements, thereby making the course a complete learning experience.
An edge over: The limited number of seats in the BBA colleges means that only the best students get selected. They are then trained by some of the finest faculty members. Add to this, the guest lecturers delivered by industry experts, and this gives BBA graduates a definite edge over others.


1.      Core Business Courses47 credits
2.      Core Soft Skills Courses9 credits
3.      Optional Business Courses (Electives)13 credits
4.      Optional Non Business Courses (NBC)45 credits
5.      Internships in Organizations & Reports16 credits
6.      Internship Seminars6 credits
Total136 credits


1.      Management Process2
2.      Marketing Management2 credits each
3.      Financial Statement Analysis 1 & 22 credits each
4.      Production Operations Management 1 & 22 credits each
5.      Human Resources Management 1 & 22 credits each
6.      Business Economics 1 & 22 credits each
7.      IT Skills2
8.      Strategic Management2
9.      Organizational Behaviour 1 & 22 credits each
10.  Financial Management 1 & 22 credits each
11.  Cost Accounting 1 & 22 credits each
12.  Macroeconomics Analysis for management2
13.  Business Research Methods2
14.  Management Information System2
15.  Legal Aspects of Business 1 & 22 credits each
16.  Environment Management 1 & 22 credits each
17.  Business Statistics2
18.  Seminars on Contemporary Issues 1 & 21 credit each
19.  Entrepreneurship Project2
20.  Comprehensive Case Analysis 1 & 21 credit each
21.  Case Writing and Analysis1


1.      Public Speaking Skills1
2.      Presentation Skills1
3.      Written Communication Skills1
4.      Etiquettes1
5.      Report Writing Skills1
6.      Interview Facing Skills 1 & 21
7.      Mock Interview by Executives 1 & 21


1.      Consumer Behaviour2
2.      Sales Management2
3.      Services Marketing2
4.      Advertising Management2
5.      Project Management2
6.      Industrial Relations2
7.      Recruitment & Selection2
8.      Training and Development2
9.      Performance Management2


1.      Introduction to Psychology1
2.      Social Psychology1
3.      Introduction to Critical Thinking2
4.      Introduction to Ethics2
5.      Indian Political Environment2
6.      Individual & Society2
7.      Institutions & Social Organizations2
8.      International Relations2
9.      Introduction to German Language3
10.  Basics to Professional Photography4
11.  Life and Work of great Personalities2
12.  Warli Painting2
13.  Block Printing & Stencil Making2
14.  Physical Fitness 1 & 22 credits each
15.  Introduction to Computer Hardware3
16.  Dramatics2
17.  Table Top Photography2
18.  Grooming2
19.  Emotional Intelligence1
20.  Introduction to Vedic Mathematics1
21.  Pottery3
22.  Introduction to Computer Networking2
23.  Creative Writing2


1.      Summer Internship Seminar 12
2.      Summer Internship Report 14
3.      Summer Internship Seminar 22
4.      Summer Internship Report 26
5.      Final Internship Seminar2
6.      Final Internship Report6
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