Our Mission

"To proactively contribute towards the creation of intellectually dynamic society which is committed to excellence, human dignity and the realisation of human potential."

Our Vision

"Education For Social Transformation And Nation Building"

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Academic Terms of B.A., BSc, B.Com and B.C.A for the year 2018-19

First Term/Semester

Commences:19/06/2018        Ends 10/11/2018       Examination :19/10/2018

Second Term/Semester

Commences:04/12/2018        Ends 04/05/2019      Examination :15/04/2019

Vacations  Break

Ganesh Chaturthi : 12/09/2018 to 18/08/2018

Winter:                      12/11/2018 to 01/12/2018

Christmas:                 24/12/2018 to 01/01/2019

Summer Break:         6/05/2019 to 15/06/2019



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