Dnyanprassarak Mandal’s College & Research Centre

Affiliated to Goa University and Recognized by UGC

Rule of Attendance

As per the Goa University Ordinance OA-17 relating to minimum attendance for eligibility to appear for examinations conducted by the Goa University, a student registered in a Semester/Term/Year, for any Course (degree or diploma), shall be required to have a minimum cumulative attendance of 75% of the total lectures and practical’s prescribed for the course during that Semester/Term/Year. Although the attendance shall be cumulative for all the papers/courses taken together, in the given Semester/Term/Year, a student shall be required to have a minimum of 50% attendance in any individual paper/course.
A student, having less than 75% cumulative attendance in a Semester/Term/Year and/or less than 50% attendance in individual paper/course, shall not be eligible to appear for that Semester/Term/Annual Examination. Such student shall have to seek re-admission to the Course/Programme during the subsequent Academic Year/Term/Semester by paying requisite fees.
Absence on medical grounds shall be offset against the 25% concession in the attendance already granted. However, if such absence exceeds 25% and is found genuine, the student may request for the condonation of the same. Absence on medical grounds is required to be supported by a Medical Certificate which should be submitted within three days after rejoining the class.
It is the responsibility of the students to maintain the minimum required attendance and to check their attendance regularly from the Student Portal of College ERP System or office.
For further details students are advised to read carefully the Goa University Ordinance Copy. Hard copy of the same is available in college library.