Our Mission

"To proactively contribute towards the creation of intellectually dynamic society which is committed to excellence, human dignity and the realisation of human potential."

Our Vision

"Education For Social Transformation And Nation Building"

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Non –Teaching Staff

1 Mr. Jayaprakash Librarian
2 Mrs. Judas E. Mascarenhas Superintendent
3 Mr. Suraj Gaonkar Accountant
4 Mr. Shashikant A. Salgaonkar Upper Division Clerk
5 Mr. Prakash M. Harmalkar Upper Division Clerk
6 Mr Sumant Y Marihal Upper Division Clerk
7 Mr. Uttam B. Parab Lower Division Clerk
8 Mrs. Kamala Sreenivas R.K. Junior Stenographer
9 Mr. Govind P. Shirodkar Lower Division Clerk
10 Ms Juliet Pinto Lab. Assistant
11 Ms Padmaja V. N. Gaunekar Lab.   Assistant
12 Mr. Suraj Gunaji Sawant Storekeeper
13 Mr. Lowell Nazare Lab. Assistant
14 Mr. S. Andrew Karoff Lab. Technician
15 Ms. Navami N. Parulekar Lab. Assistant
16 Mr. Prashant G. Mandrekar L.D.C.
17 Mr. Chaitnyanand T. Karpe L.D.C.
18 Mr. Sanjay P. Vaigankar Library Attendant
19 Mr. George Dias Library Attendant
20 Mr. Mahadev Naik Watchman Cum Peon
21 Mr. Shrikrishna P. Keni Library Attendant
22 Mr. Digambar D. Govekar Laboratory Attendant
23 Mr. Sandeep Parsekar Watchman Cum Peon
24 Mr. Deepak D. Keni Peon
25 Mr Vinay Kavlekar Laboratory Attendant
26 Mr. Anand Mayekar Laboratory Attendant
27 Mr. Anand Divkar Peon
28 Mr. Laxmikant G. Parkar Lab. Attendant
29 Mr. Pralhad D. Kavlekar Lab. Attendant
30 Mr. Dattaram B. Kalangutkar Lab. Attendant
31 Mr. Niteen P. Lokapure Peon
32 Mr. Mohan S. Kalsanawar Peon
33 Mr. Vijendra B. Mangaonkar Peon
34 Mr. Atri S. Naik Peon
35 Mr. Dasharath A. Rane Gardener C.B.




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