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"To proactively contribute towards the creation of intellectually dynamic society which is committed to excellence, human dignity and the realisation of human potential."

Our Vision

"Education For Social Transformation And Nation Building"

Prominent visitors

Department of Commerce (UG)

reena1Ms. Reena Devi Tummala
Associate Professor
Qualification : M.Com., M.Phil
Areas of Specialisation: Cost Accounting, Financial Management
Teaching Experience : 24


sdpatil1Mr. Subhash Dattatray Patil
Associate Professor
Qualification : M.Com.
Areas of Specialisation: Cost Accounting, Management
Teaching Experience : 26


tara1Ms. Rashmi Rajendra Redkar
Associate Professor
Qualification : M.Com., SET.
Areas of Specialisation: Cost Accounting.
Email :rashmi.redkar@dmscollege.ac.in
Teaching Experience : 21


prashanthi1Ms. Prashanti Talpankar
Associate Professor
Qualification : M.Com., B.Ed.,SET;(Reading for Phd)
Areas of Specialisation:Business Studies, Entrepreneurship Development.
Teaching Experience : 21


shivdutt1Mr. Shivdatt F. Shirodkar
Associate Professor & Head
Qualification : M.Com, MPhil.
Areas of Specialisation:Business Studies & Banking.
Teaching Experience : 19


achut1Dr. Achut P. Pednekar
Assistant Professor & Research Guide
Qualification : M.Com., DBM, B.Ed., Ph.D.
Areas of Specialisation: Management.
Teaching Experience : 15


shripad1Mr. Shripad S. Merchant
Assistant Professor
Qualification : LL.M.,NET.
Areas of Specialisation: Journalism & Law.
Teaching Experience : 7


jaya1Ms. Jaya Prabhu Parrikar
Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Com., SET.
Areas of Specialisation: Accounting and Finance.
Teaching Experience : 5


sandesh1Mr.Sandesh Naik
Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Com., NET; (Reading for Phd)
Areas of Specialisation: Accounting and Finance.
Teaching Experience : 6


yogesh1Mr. Yogeshwar Bhonsle
Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Com, NET.
Areas of Specialisation: Accounting and Finance.
Teaching Experience :15



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